Who is Bukit Timah Tutor

Bukit Timah Tutor is the premium Math educator that shifts the paradigm in Math learning technology. Bukit Timah Tutor comes up with the best ways to teach Math to students constantly, in the simplest ways possible, as detailed as possible and get students to understand their Mathematics fast, and enjoy it. Our teaching technology ends up forwarding the level of Mathematics in Singapore and help numerous students to systematise tricky Math learning into smaller digestible parts so that they will build up their confidence like lego blocks.

Why do we do that? Because we are educators at heart and having our students understand their work, in total clarity, gives us a reason to wake up and go at it all day. As educators, our main job does not mean we just download all the information to our students in hope that they score well in exams but more importantly, make them understand how it can be useful to them, make it relevant to their world, and how they are ultimately the benefactors of their knowledge.

In recent years, we have progressed to a stage of rapid technology advancement that we will not know what will happen next as the world changes so fast, and whatever problem that may come within our scope, has to be dealt with on the spot and in rapid succession. Our students need to have that ability of problem solving, fleet footed and capable. Hence, an education that students learn to be problem-solvers are inculcated in our lessons.

Slowly but surely, they will evolve into a solution-contributor, to come up with new ways to solve problems, which of course, is what Mathematics is about. Take away all the unnecessary and at the end, we see the core of what we want from our children, the ability to survive and solve any problem that comes their way.

We understand no two students learn the same way, nor understand it the same way too. So we have an arsenal of Math technology that we can employ, until one that works. Eventually, one method will stick. We never give up.

Call us for our Math tutorials for our world class Maths Tuition, Tutor Yuet Ling +65 88231234 to discuss how we can get you your Math distinction.