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Get A1/A* with Bukit Timah Tutor, The Premium Education Center for Bukit Timah with 20 years of local experience helping students get their distinctions year after year. Specializing in IGCSE Math, IP Math, Primary and Secondary Math Tuition for Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah Tutor  makes Math concepts easy to digest and we help you understand your questions step-by-step. We teach logically at a reasonable pace to keep the Math lesson manageable for newcomers. Then advance our Bukit Timah students to be the best they can be.

Full time local Tutors are ex-MOE teachers, ex-Marine Engineers, and uni-grads.

Learn in a great environment at Orchard Road, just moved in on January 2019 with Bukit Timah Tutor for the Primary, Secondary Levels, teaching the local and international schools in Singapore, including GCE O levels, IP, IGCSE, and IB Diploma students.

Bukit Timah Tutor is the definitive math tutor in Singapore specializing in math tuition for students that find Math too difficult to understand and need a guiding hand to rebuild their foundation before launching high to obtain a distinction for their international standardised testing. We plan and organise that distinction with you.

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Problems in Math?

If you feel disconnected with Math lessons in school, if you keep forgetting your Math, if you do not understand Math at the start of the year and feel like there is too much to learn to make up for the loss time, if you are making critical mistakes that drops you into a lower grade when you thought you studied hard enough and did fairly well in that test but yet lost marks, if you have this feeling that Math does not help you in life and it is irrelevant, then come talk to Bukit Timah Tutor Yuet Ling +65 88231234 and we will start solving all the problems that you have.

Study Skills 101

We are the type of tutor that does extremely small group Math tuition with Bukit Timah students that need the most help to turn them around to get a distinction. We want to better our students, with proper attention and care that is needed to craft a positive change. We customise our Math lessons to solve their unique set of problems, be it their Math knowledge, or their attitude towards it. Also, our classes do not just teach, but to fully instil a set of study skills that help the Math student start managing the work at hand.

Manhandle that tailspin and start setting the student for a successful bid in their Math examinations. If you have gone to numerous Math tuition centres and private tutors with no avail, then Bukit Timah Tutors are probably who you are looking for.

Stickler to be the Best

Our job is not to just download our knowledge to our students, send them home and see them again next week. Chances are, majority of those students that we sent home will come back with zero knowledge of what we taught last week. Forgotten. It happens, a lot!

So they just paid a lot of money, wasted a lot of time travelling to get themselves a properly good tutor and all that comes to naught because they lack the study skills of memorizing their work. What a waste when that happens.

If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem. So what sets us apart is our ability to throw knowledge onto our students and make it stick. 20 years of doing this has given us a vast sample group of students to understand how to make things stick. We keep it easy to understand, then help them understand our Math tutorials. We pay close attention to how our Bukit Timah Math student function and perform, then we will find a way to help them memorise their lesson.

We mentor our students, coach them to improve their study skills and with a better set of skills, be a totally better student.  Our Math classes are highly efficient. It is customised, it is hardwork, but it is our passion and stickler pride that we want our students to score higher than their peers. We want our students to understand their Math with clarity, and develop the ability to fully utilize all manners of those Mathematics concepts to solve their problems.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you changed the way you study?

“Improve and thrive, stagnate and die”-eduKate Singapore

Survival of the fittest, Theory of Evolution, and surround yourself with the best.

Can you believe a lot of Math students do not change the way they study even when they continue advancing to their next academic year. Year after year, they don’t acquire better studying skills that is needed to comply with the needs of the new academic year.

That is akin to a baby not learning how to walk and eventually, are still crawling in their adult life. That is silly thinking but that is what happens when they don’t improve the way they study. Slowly but surely, they will start feeling the gears of advanced studies grinding them down and outpace them.

Attaining a better set of study skills are as important to be a good student, and changing to a better set of tools will help them to keep pace at the very least of the requirements of the curriculum. At Bukit Timah Tutor, we instil the best studying skills and attitudes in our students, and make our lessons stick so that they won’t waste all the effort of learning it in the first place.

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Focus, its a study of optics and the mind. Shut out everything and train to be the best. Edukate Singapore


Why Bukit Timah Math Tutor?

  • ex MOE Teachers, Engineers and uni-Grads as full time tutor 20 yrs experience
  • Effective Math lessons in 1 hour and no wastage of time
  • Extremely small group tuition classes for Math of 3 pax
  • Math Bukit Timah Tutor been at it 20 years ago and distinctions keep on coming
  • Aim of the game is to achieve distinctions, A1, A* Grade 7.
  • The facility inspires Bukit Timah students to achieve greatness
  • High-end fully-equipped Marina Bay facility for Bukit Timah Tutor students
  • Education is not just about teaching, but for students to understand their work
  • We teach to understand, then train students to score
  • We teach comprehensively from scratch, as detailed as possible
  • Math Classes are structured around student’s learning patterns and abilities
  • We work at improving learning psychology and adopt positive attitudes
  • Additional classes arranged if needed due to customisation
  • We explain, check their work, every step, every sum.
  • We do not have teaching modules because no two students are the same
  • Customised Math classes are suitable for students of every ability
  • We teach to the latest Math syllabus subscribed by Examination Boards



Lessons by Bukit Timah Tutor

Bukit Timah Tutor for Bukit Timah Students. Bukit Timah tuition for IGCSE, IB Diploma in Singapore.

Bukit Timah Tutor classes

Secondary School levels

IGCSE, GCE O Level, Integrated Programme (I.P) and the International Baccalaureate (I.B Programme)

  • English Secondary Tuition
  • A Mathematics Secondary Tuition
  • E Mathematics Secondary Tuition
  • IGCSE Additional Math Tuition
  • IGCSE Extended Math Tuition
  • IGCSE Core Math Tuition
Primary School levels

Primary 1-6 Tuition by Bukit Timah Tutor:

  • MOE Syllabus Primary English Tutorials
  • MOE Syllabus Primary Mathematics Tutorials
  • MOE Curriculum Primary Science Tutorials
  • Creative Writing Enrichment Tutorials

PSLE Pri 6 Special Custom Classes

PSLE Preparatory classes starts yearly in January

  • PSLE English Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Mathematics Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Science Preparatory Course

PSLE Intensive classes starts yearly in June

  • PSLE Mathematics Intensive Course
  • PSLE Science Intensive Course

All classes are conducted in small groups 3 pax max. Call Yuet Ling +65 8823 1234 for class placements.


Who is Bukit Timah Tutor

Bukit Timah Tutor is the premium Math educator that shifts the paradigm in Math learning technology. Bukit Timah Tutor comes up with the best ways to teach Math to students constantly, in the simplest ways possible, as detailed as possible and get students to understand their Mathematics fast, and enjoy it. Our teaching technology ends up forwarding the level of Mathematics in Singapore and help numerous students to systematise tricky Math learning into smaller digestible parts so that they will build up their confidence like lego blocks.

Why do we do that? Because we are educators at heart and having our students understand their work, in total clarity, gives us a reason to wake up and go at it all day. As educators, our main job does not mean we just download all the information to our students in hope that they score well in exams but more importantly, make them understand how it can be useful to them, make it relevant to their world, and how they are ultimately the benefactors of their knowledge.

In recent years, we have progressed to a stage of rapid technology advancement that we will not know what will happen next as the world changes so fast, and whatever problem that may come within our scope, has to be dealt with on the spot and in rapid succession. Our students need to have that ability of problem solving, fleet footed and capable. Hence, an education that students learn to be problem-solvers are inculcated in our lessons.

Slowly but surely, they will evolve into a solution-contributor, to come up with new ways to solve problems, which of course, is what Mathematics is about. Take away all the unnecessary and at the end, we see the core of what we want from our children, the ability to survive and solve any problem that comes their way.

We understand no two students learn the same way, nor understand it the same way too. So we have an arsenal of Math technology that we can employ, until one that works. Eventually, one method will stick. We never give up.

Call us for our Math tutorials for our world class Maths Tuition, Tutor Yuet Ling +65 88231234 to discuss how we can get you your Math distinction.